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there is a rally cross at vir, coming up at sept 6 and 7.the rally cross is the saturday.i will be there in the blue golf again hopefully.its bumpy,b ut should not rut up like some places we go.also, the 22 of the month, we have one at wilson county fairgrounds.mostly grass and gravel, it does not severly rut up..only a little, not too bad.bbq sandwiches are available down the road at parkers bbq.So there is incentive for lunch.i will be there in the golf hopefully,i have a check engine light on...car runs fine,but i am going to look into that today.tow the girl, she is not street legal..to advance and have them read hte code, then go from there.i dont have a vag reader yet.anyhow, my freind drew in his vr6 golf,ran the site in vir, and said its fine.he has a red mk4 vr6 golf and runs it with the club.he says its fine to him. not too bad.motorsportsreg to sign up.thscc . com is hte club.
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