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I bought rcn210 for my mk5. I can't find any official documentation but this is picture 2013 rcn210 strengthen edition 6 car cd free machine sd bluetooth usb-inCar CD Player from Automobiles & Motorcycles on Aliexpress.com

Everything is working fine expect one thing. There are no lights on buttons. Radio, cd player, sd, usb, color display are working expect lights on buttons.

Buyer said I need to connect "can ground" and "can +".
So these two wires from car are "can ground" and "can +".

And they are connected to blue and orange

But is still doesn't work.

My electrician said that car is not sending enough voltage. When car is not on it writes to device 10V. But when I turn on car it drops to 8V. He is scared torise up voltage to 12V because we don't have any info so he thinks it is risky.

Please help.
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