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Re: 1944 VW

Hi everyone!

New to the forum, but hoping I can get some direction/help.

My friend and I recently found a 1944 VW KDF-Wagen behind a barn in a garage. The car was on jack stands. The wheels were removed and were rock hard. the color is of a camouflage color, more tan. The interesting part was a raised black cross on the doors. The owner started it right up with no problem. The owner told us, he bought the car from a G.I. who had it shipped from germany, hidden in a large food container. The G.I. mentioned to him the german paperwork for the car sowed it was to be sent to africa but now found by the allies, it was to be destroyed. The owner has all the documents, in german, with some type of affidavit of who the car was assigned to based on what the owner allowed me to view, and I was also not allowed to take pictures. I'm currently negotiating a deal for the car and hopefully will be in my possession in the coming weeks. The key of the 1944 VW was very odd, it had a short blade and a large bow with a swastika cut out on it. Now for the kicker, He also has a 1951 356 porsche that was next to it, covered, and running in very good condition. He has had both cars in storage for a very long time. Yes, we are negotiating for the porsche too! I will post pictures as soon as possible. If anyone has additional information on the raised cross on the doors, it would be much appreciated.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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