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Hey everyone. I'm trying not to be redundant here but I am baffled at the results I am finding and by the responses I am getting from dealerships I've called. I'd like to install a remote starter into my 09 CC. The last two vehicles I've owned were GM from 2005+ had factory installed starters. I sort of expected the CC to have it being the Lux model but it does not and the dealer does not recommend it because you need to cut into the wiring harness. No, really you do??? I would never have imagined you need to cut wires to do this!!

I continued that "well I guess I will just have to drudge out through the snow and start it then and go back inside while it warms up". One dealer told me NO! These cars aren't designed to idle for long periods of time. Again, really? Those of you who watch NFL football on Sunday know this one.... Come ooonnn maaaaaannnn???!!! What's going to happen? Will it overheat? Are we still running VW air cooled engines here?

Please don't misunderstand me. I just do not want buyers remorse. I've come to enjoy these creature comforts and don't expect anything less. I'm a big boy, spoiled yes.

Who's right? Who's wrong? What gives? I also understand I need to give up a key if I do find someone that will actually do this? If so, so be it.

Any thoughts out there from the VW service world? I assume you're all trained in the vehicles enough to comment.

Thanks all. Forgive my harsh tone. The answers boggle my mind sometimes...

(I still love the CC)
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