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After a couple years VW quit making the cooling system on an mk3 with T fittings and went to large expensive integrated radiator hoses. This is great if your car came with them already, but for those of us with the old style it can be really expensive to replace a broken fitting or worn hose with a newer integrated hose. These hoses at the dealership are close to 150.00 bucks and at online discount retailers are 75.00 to 100.00 (I've found a few places for 65.00).

I just don't believe in paying this kind of money for hoses -It is against my core to be this much of a fool for some rubber and plastic.

So here is my fix for a broken coolant fitting that cost me around 5 bucks, 20 minutes, and a portion of my tube of JB Weld.

It is important that you use regular JB Weld (rated to 600 degrees) and not Epoxy or even JB Quick (it is shitty comparitively).

Drill out the broken fitting for the outer dimension of 3/8 coupler and rough sand inside and out:

Saw a 3/8" coupler in half:

dry fit the coupler:

Jb Weld the coupler in place being careful not to obstruct coolant pathways:

After 24 hrs put it in and go spend the money you saved at a bar or on a girl

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