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Hello all--I've come here for some guidance.

My CC began idling rough (when in gear and foot on the brake) the last few days and my mechanic says the passenger side motor mount and the rear--dog bone--mount are deteriorating and need replacing.

Is this a repair I can do on my own or is the difficulty so high that I need to bite the bullet and let the dealer or mechanic do it?

I'm not an enthusiast, but I do prefer to handle as much as I can on my own, as to save money--plus I enjoy it. I see there are some after-market mounts that are popular for better performance. While I certainly wouldn't mind more horsepower, I don't think I'd like any additional vibration. Would it be best to stick with OEM parts?

If my post violates any protocol, I apologize--I've only posted a couple of times and it has been a few years.

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