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Howdy fellow forumers,

so I had a random piece of hardware hitch a ride around my cam gear while I was about to fire up the jetta after my build and it jumped the timing.
The head is now shot.
So after drowning my sorrows in JD at the Atmosphere concert in Albany this weekend, it is now time to make things right.

I've sunk a lot of money into this project already so I am pretty much out of discretionary funds.
Should I buy a new head or rebuild one of the 2 that I have?
Feel free to chime in with an idea of what either or both would cost.

...PS: I'm in Orange County NY so if anyone has a head they want to get rid of feel free to PM me!

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i would re-build it if you have a guy that will do it for cheap around you i know a guy that will deck it and grind all the valve seats for under 400 id look into that first before trying to source a used head that you know nothing about.
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