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My 99 Passat SW with 5 speed Tiptronic flooded in a recent heavy rain, filling the pax area with several inches of water and drowning the TCM so that the car had only four gears: park, reverse, drive (4?) and neutral.

Using various VW forums (thanks!!!) I discovered that the water had come from a failed seal around the pollen filter. Took that apart, cleaned and re-sealed it with about half a gallon of silicon and that part of the problem was solved (no more wet in several later rainstorms, although the insulation really does hold water better than a Sham Wow and is still damp).

Anyway, then I dug the TCM out from under the pax carpet and replaced it with a used one via Ebay. That worked! It went back to shifting like it should, and the Check Engine light even cleared after about half an hour. Victory, and a saving of over $3,000 so far.

Now a small but nagging problem: after a few happy hours of driving around, I touched the display control button on the wiper stem, and the transmission display immediately changed to light up all the gears at once. The TCM itself still worked perfectly. A few minutes ago, I disconnected the new TCM, drove around the block, then plugged it in again, thinking that might change its mind, but it didn't. All gears are still indicated.

The transmission is working perfectly. How worried should I be about the display? Suggested cure?
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