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Hi everyone, I have a 98 Jetta ABA engine (2 liter 4 cyl 8 valve) that has 140,000 miles on it. Always used the best synthetic oils and good quality filters. Engine runs great, no misses or wandering and consistently give me 30mpg or better.

The problem is what I thought was a worn lifter causing valve train clicking sound. So I replaced all the lifters with new ones but the sound persists, albeit a little different in character now but still sounds like lifters. The sound is not constant, sometimes it comes and then goes. So I am wondering now about two possibilities:

1. It is actually an oil pressure problem, and the sound happens because pressure is too low to pump up the lifters properly
2. Maybe it is not a lifter, perhaps a small end wrist pin in a piston? Not sure what that sounds like.

Most often the clatter sounds like one bad lifter, then sometimes another kicks in and the sound rate doubles. Irritating! As I said it runs perfectly otherwise.

I don't have an oil pressure gauge, just a light. No oil leaks except maybe a drop or two over many days time. It does not use oil between changes. I put in a can of STP a few days ago (yeah, I know, sad) just to see if upping the viscosity made any difference. It did for a little while but the sound always comes back when I idle for a minute or two. What could it be?
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