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Welcome to VWForum.com's ride of the month we as moderators recently decided to reinstate. Every month we encourage you guys to submit a profile of your ride using the template listed below this sticky in the forum. At the end of the month the moderators will select about 5-10 rides (depending on submissions) and then let you members decide which one you like the best. Whatever ride gets the most votes wins ride of the month! Unfortunately as it stands we have no reward system except for props but if we come up with some merchandise we can start giving up some to you guys for awards.

SO! On to the submissions. As stated above we want you to strictly adhere to the template listed below for your submissions. Create a thread with the month of the contest and your name and your ride. After each month we will sticky the thread that wins and delete the rest so if you don't win PLEASE COPY YOUR THREAD LAYOUT SOMEWHERE SO YOU DONT HAVE TO RETYPE IT EVERY MONTH

First contest is going to start at the beggining of october, your thread should have a name like this:

October ROTM 2009 TTTurbo1.8T's 2003 Jetta

Any question shoot me or any of the other mods a PM and we can help you out.
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