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Rust removal and unpleasant surprises, part 1 - Passat B5+

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Hi everyone!

I'd like to share some of my recent experiences with fellow Passat enthusiasts.

Recently, i have been doing many retrofits to my B5+ Passat (which i will also post about), so i took the entire interior out so i can do everything perfectly (crazy guy, i know 😂). That was also a great opportunity for me to change the dashboard - it was destroyed previously when someone changed the heater core. They obviously didn't know how to remove it properly and broke it in many places, so i had to suffer with creaking and popping sounds for a long time. :rolleyes:

Car Vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting
Automotive tire Wheel Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Tire

When i removed the carpet, i was faced with an unpleasant surprise - rust. Previous owners obviously never cleaned the infamous drains and over the years, rust started to appear. By the way, i reaally hate rust :D

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Tread
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Bumper

I tackled the challenge and removed the rust completely - when i say completely, i mean every single spot of rust i saw. I used everything i could as a weapon against rust - power drill, a metal brush, sanding paper etc.

Road surface Automotive tire Asphalt Wood Grey
Automotive tire Hood Grey Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

After that, i degreased everything with anti-silicone degreaser and applied epoxy primer. It adheres to bare metal really well and doesn't let air or moisture through, so it will be a great protection. I also plan to re-check and paint the entire floor in the color of the car soon, so it all looks good.

Automotive tire Grey Motor vehicle Urban design Automotive exterior

There were also some more details and unpleasant surprises, but not nearly as important as this one. I won't add that to this post so it doesn't get too long. You can also check out my YouTube video for some more information.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a great day!
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