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i have a few VW alloy wheels
a pair of wheels off a 2013 passat. light curb damage $150 pair

09 jetta wheel. has a good amount of curb rash $25

2014 passat. scrape between 2 spokes $75

2014 tiguan
light curb rash $75

PM me i can send more detailed pics of the damage and the OEM part #'s of the wheels if you want them.

PICK UP ALL 5 WHEELS in new berlin wisconsin $250.

i can ship the wheels, probably cost about $30 fedex ground each wheel. if shipping is less than listed. that's all you pay. if shipping is more i will eat the difference. i take paypal, you pay the 3% fee.

every wheel is a OEM VW wheel. all have light damage that any wheel repair shop can fix. every wheel cost over $300 each new
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