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Hey all,
I have a 2006 Jetta gli 2.0t. Replaced turbo due to leaking excessive oil into intercooler and car smoking. New turbo is doing the same thing. Looking to see if anyone has had this issue. Lost 2 qts In Less than 200 miles
Replacement was a stigan new turbo. Car has apt stage 2 tune with intake and catless downpipe.
So far things I’ve checked and/or replaced.
1. Blow by is acceptable. Oil fill dances but not excessive
2. Oil drain from turbo is clear
3. Turbo had no shaft play prior to install (don’t know about now, I haven’t checked yet.)
4. PCV replaced.
5. compression is 140 in each hole.
6. Lots of oil being blown out of atmospheric blow off valve.
I’d appreciate any input y’all may have
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