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i was offered a 1995 sharan 2ltr petrol (ady engine) manual non runner. the battery was flat, so 1st thing i did was charge it up, while checking the car over, i noticed the aftermarket radio wasn't turning off, so i removed it, then with it not being able to lock, i found the paddles inside the doors had broken, so replaced them. the battery was questionable when i drop tested it, but kept it while trying to diagnose things. i plugged my snap-on scanner into the car & it only came up with "immobiliser not allowing engine", but after a while & charging the battery over a weekend, it started, but as the battery was questionable, i got a new 1 & threw the car into the main dealer next door to where i worked. they couldn't find any problems, but they did say their computor only went back to 2000 models.
it's continued to have intermittant cutting out problems, either when you try to restart soon after turning it off, or a few minutes after restarting, which isn't ideal as it is while driving. only thing i can do is turn off, turn ign back on & leave for minute or 2 before it will restart, then normally fine after that.
it got serious recently when we went on holiday to lincolnshire, on the way up, it cut out about 5 minutes after a the 2nd pit stop, following day, we went 10 miles to a market, was fine going, but comming back to where we were staying it cut out 4 times. went to go into skegness a couple of days later & it cut out after about 2 miles, then managed to turn it round before it cut out again, but managed to then get back to our camp site without any problems. cut out once on the way home.
it's now getting so bad, it cut out 5 times in town last week & only needing to do a mile or 2 before it cuts out. restarts each time by turning ign back on & leaving it for couple of minutes.
all levels are fine, no over heating problems at all, plugs are ok, it's had new coil pack before i got the car, the wire round the ignswitch is ok & no noticable damage along the length of the wire & had full service in march, only done about 7000 miles since.
does anyone have any ideas?
many thanks in advance for any suggestions
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