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Door Poppers

It doesn’t matter the brand or how good your door popper kit is. You will need these. The door popper solenoid/actuator will only unlatch your door. If you have your hands full or don’t catch the door at the right time chances are the door will latch back. Door poppers “pop” open your door so it doesn’t relatch. If you don’t buy em with your kit then it’s guaranteed you will buy em after using your door popper kit for a few days!

Emergency Release Kits

Other companies recommend back up wires. What happens if the actuator is the problem or you can’t get those wires to reach a power source? Exactly, you’re still locked OUT of your ride! Emergency release kits can be used with ANY shaved door kit. Average install time is 15 minutes. The install is simple, hook it up to your latch, run it through your door loom and finally find a spot for the knob. Many options available when finding a safe and clean location for your emergency release cable.

Billet Door Looms

Unless you’re installing your shaved door kit on a brand new vehicle chances are your factory door loom is shot! Replace and clean up your door jams with the billet door loom. Detail goes a long ways with judges at car shows! Just ask em.

Cable Extension Kit

Mounting your solenoid inside your truck? This kit allows you to mount your solenoids anywhere inside your vehicle. The kit helps avoid water damage and allows for easier installation and adjustment.

Waterproof Backup Button

Another method of entering your ride without using your remote system or busting your window. I know I know I mentioned above that back up wires are not good if the door popper motor is bad. And I know your thinking “What if my battery dies?” Well, you can if you mount the switch in an elliptical hole you'll be able apply a twelve volt battery directly to the switches terminals to activate your solenoid/actuator. Another way of getting into your ride, but I still recommend using the emergency release cable.

Adjustable Cable Clamp

Ferrell’s are just a pain in the ass! By using the adjustable cable clamp you can adjust your cable til its perfect. Highly recommend if you plan on using your interior door handle with the bolt in shaved door kit for your GM.

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