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Here is a question that I asked to Shell about oil if you find this stuff it's in those cheap ass Ferrari's

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To: James Erik L TSgt 507 MOF/MXOOM
Subject: RE: Rotella Ask Our Expert: Product Information


Volkswagen requires the use of oils meeting their specification 502.00 in
vehicles equipped with the 1.8L turbo engine. Particularly in a new
vehicle, we recommend you should use an oil meeting that specification to maintain the vehicle warranty.

Shell Rotella T Oils are not qualified against the specification. However,
another Shell product, Shell Helix Ultra SAE 5W-40, is. You can find
information on Shell Helix Ultra SAE 5W-40 at
http://www.shell-lubricants.com/products/pdf/HELIX ULTRA.PDF.

Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 oil is not produced in the US, but we do import it
from Europe, primarily in 55-gallon drums, to service the needs of Ferrari dealers.
However, our information indicates the product may have limited availability in cases of 1-liter bottles. We suggest calling a Shell Lubricants US distributor in your area
(http://www.shell-lubricants.com/distributors.php) and inquiring
specifically about availability of product code 5004410012 (cases of 1 liter bottles) or 5004400055 (55-gallon drums). You might also suggest, if the distributor is unaware of the product, that they should check with their Shell customer service contact.

Thank you for your interest in Shell Rotella Products!

Edward Calcote
Staff Chemist

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To: askshell GSUSI-GSMF/5
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Subject: Rotella Ask Our Expert: Product Information

ROTELLA.com E-mail Form
E-MAIL ADDRESS [email protected]
SUBJECT Product Information
I have ran rotella in every car that I have owned. Yes CAR
1966 valiant wagon to 2000 VW TDi Bug
I have opened a 1985 vett motor and to my supprise there was hardly any wear
she was very clean inside. the motor had 165K on it when the cam broke.
my question I know that it has cleanning agents in the oil.
I have a 2005 GTi 1.8T and I waant to run rotella in her can I I have been
told that I should run (Red GC OW-30 or the Castrol Syntec 5w40 ) to avoid a
ticking in the motor.
she has 2600 miles on the dash .

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If you don't run an oil up to spec and change it regularly (particularly a tractor oil or 'cheap' oil like Penzoil, Shell, or Chevron) you WILL sludge the engine.

Want proof? Come over and check out the 1.8t sitting in my shop and I'll show you sludged. 1/4" of caked nasty in the head, oil pump pickup is completely clogged. Eventual death was at the hands of a broken timing belt from the cams seizing. This is from an engine with regularly changed oil by a local lube place.

When it comes to 1.8ts... Mobil, Amsoil... and few others are worth trying. Even 'top shelf' brands like Valvoline and Castrol barely cut it, even in sythetic form.

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So what do you guys think about the Castrol 0w-30 German Spec? Is it safe to run?, better to run? I ran it for a bit, but then got the Castrol 5w-40 , didn't see much difference, and I typically don't drive over 100 much. I run around 80mph.
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