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Official "past and current" vehicles thread.

im sure there was one on here sometime but making a new one. just post the vehicles that you "use to" own and currently own. feel free to post pictures as well. maybe a little history on the vehicles too.
bought a 72 nova. 350/350 auto when i was 15 for $800. owned it for 9 years. put 2 motors and 1 tranny through it. countless tires too. sold it for $2300

85 mustang 5.0. was given to me when i was 15 from my grandfather. never ran right and my dad sold it for $150.
82 dodge ram 50 4x4 5spd. bought for $500, jumped it, rolled it, sold it for $100
89 ford escort 1.9 5spd. bought for $150. put mustang wheels on it, exhaust and it got in a flood. never ran right again. sold it for $150.
86 scirocco 8v 5spd. too many memories. bought for $1000. sold it the 1st time for $2500. a year later i traded my quad for it back. sold it later for $1700.

82 mustang 2.3 or 2.5 4 banger with a 4spd. paid $300. was planning on throwing a big block in it. ended up driving it to the scrapyard.
93 ford f150 flareside 5.0 5spd 4x4. paid $5000. was an awesome truck. lifted it, bigger tires
traded in on the gti.

05 gti 1.8t 5spd. current beater. paid $18,000 in 2007. only had 17,000 miles. has 83,000 now.
08 jetta se 2.5 auto. wife drives it. bought new. paid over $20,000. paid off.

also bought new a 05 ninja 250 for my first road bike. traded in on my 07 ninja 650 which is the current bike. ive owned over 20 dirtbikes, quads, minibikes, ect. ill post some pics later.
the 250

the current 650.

human powered bike.

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1st. 1991 Chevrolet Lumina 3.1L. Bought for $500 when I was 14, let my brother drive it till I turned 16. Used to for 2 years until I turned 18. By the time I got rid of it, it was running on 3 or 4 of the 6 cylinders, suspension was shot, brakes were failing, tires bald, trans slipping, but it would still take you anywhere. Ended up trading it in for cash for clunkers to help my dad get his new car and I got the Golf.

2nd. 01 Golf GLS. Bought at 94k miles for $5,500 (talked them down from $8,800). Learned a lot about cars and Volkswagens from it. Wrapped it around a telephone pole after a wet corner... had 111k miles on it. Ended up getting $5,4xx.xx for it ($5,9xx.xx if I didn't have a deductable)

3rd and Current: 1987 Jetta Coupe. Unknown miles on body and engine, Odo says 74k for the GTI interior. Currently working to get it a new engine. Old one works fine I just want a more fun engine :D

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1994 Mazda Mx6 LS 2.5L DOHC V6 5spd
still miss this car, sounded so good

1999 Ford Explorer Limited 4.0 SOHC V6 2wd LSD

2001 GTI VR6

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i am going to pull the lazy man right now at 3:11 am..

and just list them..

1. 1994 ford ranger 2wd on bags (stupid mini truck)
2. 1988 mustang 5.0 gt fox body cobra motor swap / tubbed / track car sold after i blew it up
3. 2000 cavalier z24
4. 1996 dodge ram slt 1500 quad cab
5. 2004 dodge ram 2500 crew cab lifted 11.5" w/ 46" swampers *mickey thompson baja claws / mickey wheels
6. 2005 gti 1.8t (RIP)
7. 2003 Jetta 1.8t (current)
8. 1993 ford f150 (had for less then a day)
9. 1990... something.. ford escort beater (jumped in a field.. beat.. sold for a 200 dollar profit)
10. 1996 chevy beretta (bought wasnt running.. replaced head gasket / timing and flipped a few days later)
11. 1999 black z24 cavalier (another flip car / sold to x gf)
12. 1997 vw golf 2.0L (never ran right. was beat. sold for what i paid)
13. 1998 eclipse gsx (big turbo, shitty tune. sold almost immediately for profit)
14. 1991 nissan sentra (beat, sold to a friend for a junkyard derby car)
15. ?
16 ?
17 ? i cant remember any more.

1. 2005 harley-davidson 883 custom (soon to be 1250 with motor build / cams / head work) done all old school, von dutch paint, white walls, apes, loud as hell. etc etc. still own
2. 2005 polaris predator 500 troy lee designs special edition. (still have)
3. 2000 ktm 125 exc (harescramble race bike)
4. Yamaha ttr 100 (first dirtbike sold)
5. Yamaha ttr 125r (2nd dirtbike sold)
6. 1987 cr 250 (play bike / shared with pops / sold)
7. 2008 yamaha wr 450 (dads bike / shared)
8. 2002 ktm 250 sx (motocross bike sold)
9. 2002 ktm 450 sx (motocross bike sold)
10. 2005 cbr 1000rr repsol special edition (sold)

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1.) 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS - high school car, blew 2 engines, parked it one morning and found it that afternoon where it had rolled down the hill into a big oak tree due to e-brake failure, totaled

2.) 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS/SC - so many mods, so much fun, sold it for $5500

3.) 2012 Nissan Frontier SV - current daily driver

4.) 2001 VW NB GLS sport - 1.8t, tons of mods, runs and drives great, current project car, traded my 2007 Honda TRX400EX with a few mods for it.

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Mods, forgive me if there is already a thread like this. If there is, feel free to delete or merge this one.

Post up your past rides. Does not have to be mk4 or even VW for that matter. Let's see some before and after's if you've got them. I'll start this off with a few of mine-

1986 Porsche 944-

I really liked this car, but it was automatic.... do yourself a favor and don't ever buy an automatic Porsche.

1971 SuperBeetle-

Awesome car, great head turner, but very unsafe... I sold it after I almost got into a wreck with it... I still miss it though

1993 Mercedes 190E-

Would have never gotten rid of this car if it weren't for the fact the wiring harness shorted out.

1994 BMW 325IS-

Hated the car, Bimmers are always a big ass money pit, but it looked good, haha

As you can see I like German cars. I have had a lot more cars than this, but this last one was my all time favorite, and I got it for a steal-

Sadly, this is what happened to her-

Her name was Sally, and I think the only car that I ever truly loved... I was very sad when I lost this car....

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I forgive you :) I think there's a thread somewhere already but I can't find it. I'll just move it for now.

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This is a great idea for a thread!

I've owned way to many cars but most of them I dont have pictures or the pictures are on paper not digital :facepalm:

Here is one the cars that I do have pics and I really liked

1st my perfect clean mkII back in the days...

New Picture1 by yo mama, on Flickr

My teggy, many good times on this car def good memories. ps: I owned this car for 5 years and it never ever let me down, only maintenance was oil changes and plugs not even a flat tire!

integra4 by yo mama, on Flickr

And more recently the bimmer, I liked it a lot but it had to go. Just sold last week

Photo0588 by yo mama, on Flickr

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omg...Sally was beautiful!

Well...I am showing off my past rides. lol.

My V-Dub and truck have been my first, and only rides I've had. Unless you want to start talking about other four wheeled motorized machines...

350 warrior, 96' Banshee 350, 06' Banshee 700, 01' Raptor 660R, 07' Raptor 700R, 07' Can-am Kym-Co 150 and some shitty go-kart from when I was little. :p

If I could I would buy them all back. Besides the Can-Am...I still have that and the go-kart went to the crusher after I blew out the clutch and could never find a place who sold a clutch like it had. Motor was going to blow anyways....I learned how to drift with my go cart. I had an opportunity to buy the warrior back last year, but the shyster I sold it to wanted 2x more because he said he put money into it. I know his kids, and he didn't put no money into it...maybe he put money into his power bag :p

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my first car was a 1994 Geo Prizm. i put the car through hell in the snow and it never let me down in the 6 months i had it. i then sold it and purchased a 1998 Chevy S-10. It was RWD 4cyl. 5spd. it wasnt powerful or fast at all but it got me everywhere i needed to go with no major issues. biggest thing i had to do was change the water pump and on that it was a piece of cake. i used it as a truck and hauled a lot with it. i traded it last october on my current car. 2000 Jetta VR6.

98 S-10

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dont lie. that brown plymouth next to the mazda was yours.
there is a rx7 down the road from me just rotting away.
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