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Skoda Octavia Mk2 2010 CLCA engine not starting - no error codes in VCDS

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Dear All - I have a SKODA OCTAVIA MK2 2010 model. I am from India, I had flat battery and recharged and hooked up to the car and started the car for running at idle. It started well and was running fine, all were ok for few mintues. I went away from the car allow it run for sometime and in some time I heard a rough idle from the car and hearing the radiator kicking off to rotate with huge sound and the car stopped.

I checked the battery, its fine, the fuel pressure and fuel flow at low side is fine. I immediately checked the compression and its ok as per factory manual however the car is not starting at all. It crank well but not starting.

i checked the following again

1. battery terminal voltage - 12.5 and above and good
2. compression test on cylinder - all ok as per factory manual
3. fuel from tank pressure and flow is ok
4. fuel delivery from electric pump to HPP is good and pressure is perfect as per factory manual

The radiator is keep running when ever I switch on the ignition but not started the car. I checked the coolant temperature sensors G62 and on radiator line temperature sensor and its good. it gives 1.3 KOHM when its in cool.

below is the latest scan report

VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64
VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4555.4
Data version: 20210903 DS330.0

VIN: TMBBNC1Z9AA151374 License Plate:

Chassis Type: 1Z-SK35 (1K0)
Scan: 01 03 08 09 10 15 16 17 19 25 42 44 46 52 56 62 72

VIN: TMBBNC1Z9AA151374 Mileage: 116440km-72352miles

01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000
03-ABS Brakes -- Status: OK 0000
04-Steering Angle -- Status: OK 0000
08-Auto HVAC -- Status: OK 0000
09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: OK 0000
10-Park/Steer Assist -- Status: OK 0000
15-Airbags -- Status: OK 0000
16-Steering wheel -- Status: OK 0000
17-Instruments -- Status: OK 0000
19-CAN Gateway -- Status: OK 0000
25-Immobilizer -- Status: OK 0000
42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: Malfunction 0010
44-Steering Assist -- Status: Malfunction 0010
46-Central Conv. -- Status: OK 0000
52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: OK 0000
56-Radio -- Status: OK 0000
62-Door, Rear Left -- Status: OK 0000
72-Door, Rear Right -- Status: OK 0000
Address 01: Engine (J623-CLCA) Labels:. 03L-906-018-CFF.clb
Part No SW: 03L 906 018 EJ HW: 03L 906 018 BR
Component: R4 2.0l TDI H20 9977
Revision: 42H20--- Serial number: CVN: BA7A8368
Coding: 00110012040500080000
Shop #: WSC 10259 663 00000
ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM20TDI01103L906018EJ 003008
ROD: EV_ECM20TDI01103L906018EJ.rod
VCID: 76B5E25848406D8B8DD-8022
VINID: 91D49279306A2514411410C710D22E088E

No fault code found.
Readiness: 0 0 0 0 1

Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels:. 1K0-907-379-MK70M.clb
Part No SW: 1K0 907 379 AK HW: 1K0 907 379 AK
Component: MK70 M MASR 0104
Revision: 00H35001
Coding: 0017665
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 7BA3F36C7FE230E3F23-802E

No fault code found.

Address 08: Auto HVAC (J255) Labels:| 5K0-907-044.clb
Part No SW: 3T0 907 044 AS HW: 3T0 907 044 AS
Component: Climatronic H15 0401
Revision: 00005001
Coding: 0000001002
Shop #: WSC 73430 790 00000
ASAM Dataset: EV_Climatronic A01006
ROD: EV_ClimaAutoBasis_SK35.rod
VCID: 03538B8C0B924823BA3-8056

No fault code found.

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels:. 1K0-937-08x-09.clb
Part No SW: 1K0 937 087 D HW: 1K0 937 087 D
Component: BCM PQ35 H 103 0575
Revision: 00103 AG
Coding: 4E180AB8B00508C04008008011000124410000AE422085605C0440000000
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 323D1E48E42831AB615-8066

Subsystem 1 - Part No: 1Z2 955 119 C Labels: 1KX-955-119.CLB
Component: Wischer 28011 22 0601
Coding: 00D7B7

Subsystem 2 - Part No: 1K0 955 559 AH Labels: 1K0-955-559-AG.CLB
Component: RLS 230110 05 54 0402
Coding: 0730ED

No fault code found.

Address 10: Park/Steer Assist (J446) Labels:. 1Z0-919-475-V1.clb
Part No SW: 1Z0 919 475 B HW: 1Z0 919 475
Component: PARKHILFE 4K H06 0006
Revision: -------- Serial number: 66641000904029
Coding: 100001
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 40D944805A84933BE71-8014

No fault code found.

Address 15: Airbags Labels: 6Q0-909-605-VW52.lbl
Part No SW: 6Q0 909 605 AH HW: 6Q0 909 605 AH
Component: 07 AIRBAG VW52 025 2400
Revision: 06025000 Serial number: 0037TR06BB8G
Coding: 0012343
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 7DA7FD7461F63ED3CC7-8028

No fault code found.

Address 16: Steering wheel Labels: 1K0-953-549-MY9.lbl
Part No SW: 1K0 953 549 CP HW: 1K0 953 549 CP
Component: J0527 053 0111
Coding: 0000003
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 025D8E881808412BB15-8056

No fault code found.

Address 17: Instruments (J285) Labels:| 5K0-920-xxx-17.clb-SRI1
Part No SW: 1Z0 920 803 G HW: 1Z0 920 803 G
Component: KOMBI H06 0305
Serial number: 00000000000000
Coding: 110800
Shop #: WSC 73430 031 00000
ASAM Dataset: EV_Kombi_UDS_VDD_RM09 A04052
ROD: EV_Kombi_UDS_VDD_RM09_004_SK35.rod
VCID: 38292C6002D4DBFB5F1-806C

No fault code found.

Address 19: CAN Gateway Labels:. 1K0-907-530-V4.clb
Part No SW: 1K0 907 530 AD HW: 1K0 907 951
Component: J533 Gateway H16 0233
Revision: H16 Serial number: 4520K101270083
Coding: E9A07F06000202001303
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 698FB924057EB27310F-803C

No fault code found.

Address 25: Immobilizer (J334) Labels:| 5K0-920-xxx-25.clb
Part No SW: 5K0 953 234 HW: 5K0 953 234
Component: IMMO H06 0305
Serial number: 00000000000000
Coding: 000000
Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
ASAM Dataset: EV_Immo_UDS_VDD_RM09 A03005
ROD: EV_Immo_UDS_VDD_RM09_VW21.rod
VCID: 6A8DC6280CF8B96B195-803E

No fault code found.

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver Labels:. 1K0-959-701-MAX3.clb
Part No SW: 1T0 959 701 AA HW: 1T0 959 701 AA
Component: Tuer-SG 009 2114
Coding: 0004854
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 76B5E25844C06D8B8DD-8022

1 Fault Found:
00120 - Outside Warning Light/Door exit Light Driver Side
012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit

Address 44: Steering Assist Labels: 1K0-909-14x-GEN3.clb
Part No: 1K0 909 144 J
Component: EPS_ZFLS Kl. 68 3001
Revision: 00H17000
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 313F1144ED2E0AB318F-8064

1 Fault Found:
03803 - Steering Angle Sensor for Steering Aid
000 - - - MIL ON
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 11100000
Fault Priority: 2
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 255
Mileage: 116447 km
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2016.02.16
Time: 02:54:01

Freeze Frame:
Battery Volts: 12.1 V
Temperature: 38.0°C
Count: 2
Steering Angle: 0.00°
Count: 0
SteerAng n.Init

Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. Labels:. 1K0-959-702-MAX3.clb
Part No SW: 1T0 959 702 S HW: 1T0 959 702 S
Component: Tuer-SG 009 2114
Coding: 0004854
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 48C95CA07EB4AB7B2F1-801C

No fault code found.

Address 56: Radio (J503) Labels:. 5M0-035-1xx-56.clb
Part No SW: 1Z0 035 161 F HW: 1Z0 035 161 F
Component: SWING 009 0065
Revision: 0I001001 Serial number: SKZ1Z2K8364845
Coding: 0D0004000001
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 00000
VCID: 313F1144E12E0AB318F-8064

No fault code found.

Address 62: Door, Rear Left Labels:. 1K0-959-703-GEN3.clb
Part No SW: 5K0 959 703 A HW: 5K0 959 703 A
Component: Tuer-SG 007 2101
Coding: 0000144
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 1012544
VCID: 323D1E48E82831AB615-8066

No fault code found.

Address 72: Door, Rear Right Labels:. 1K0-959-704-GEN3.clb
Part No SW: 5K0 959 704 A HW: 5K0 959 704 A
Component: Tuer-SG 007 2101
Coding: 0000144
Shop #: WSC 33361 790 1012544
VCID: 33331B4C173238A36A3-8066

No fault code found.

the fuses in the engine comportment were already checked and inside the cabin too with test light and all ok

oil level is within the limit and good. just before the high mark and it was replaced just before few miles.

while i check the fuel delivery in the high side it was zero and on further investigation, if i remove the metering device signal cable the car starts for a while. so i investigated further as below

i checked the PWM signal cross the N290 connector while cranking and I am able to see the light blowing but the light is very dull not bright. However I was trying to check the N290 ohms but unable to do it and let me check this today and will trace the cable from N290 to ECM and check the continuity between them.

Also while I further investigated yesterday my findings are as below and if you can make out something please advise.

The metering device N290 is normally open solenoid valve and if you give the signal, the valve closes. So if I remove the signal connectors the valve is in open condition and allows more fuel to the rail and car starts. However the VCDS reports fuel high pressure and the car shuts after some time.

If i connect the supply connectors back to this valve the valve closes and no fuel to rail and car is not starting and car stops immediately.

Short story short, I yet to trace the cable from the valve to the fuse holders but I checked all the fuses.

All I need how will the ECM controls this valve, technically if i understand correctly, the ECM closes the valve when the fuel pressure is high and more fuel comes and so on.

I think it should take the input from G247 fuel pressure sensor on the distributor and also the fuel pressure regulator N276 which builds and release the pressure as needed. I checked the return fuel pip for clogging and its free.

But engine module in VCDS is not reporting any error other than the coolant temperature is very high if I connect the coolant temperature sensor in the radiator outlet G83 and in the coolant inlet connects to the block G62 and because of this the temperature sensor reading in the dashboard insert is showing extreme red.

I yet to check the Oil level and oil temperature sender - G266 under the engine block cover and yet to trace these cables back to fuse tray for any rat bites. is there any other technical advise please help me. i am trying to fix this over this weekend please help. Appreciate all your help in advance and have a great weekends.
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