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Hi all,

I bought an USA Passat CC 2013 2.0 TSI and since there is no scale for km/h I decided to change the speedo. I bought from Germany km/h speedometer and replace the speedo digits parts only (see the images).
Everything fits perfectly, but the scales of "km/h"-speedo and the "miles" one are the same till 80. That's why it is not accurate at all. I've watched videos in youtube and also few articles in the forum. But they were just a correction of how the miles/km can be adjusted in depending on the tyre size. I am looking for adjusting the movement of the speedo arrow from miles to km.
I've tried with VCDS and see there is a "Country Code" that can be changed but I found it's only for changing how the display operates (km vs miles, degrees F vs Celcius etc) and some functions of headlight lighting. If there is an option to configure the speedo arrow to move 1.6 times faster it will show the speed correctly.
I hope someone can help.


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