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SSP VW 02E 500 Ft/lb. Torque Clutch Package

The ultimate 11 plate clutch kit for the 02E transmission.

SSP 500 ft/lb. clutch disc package is our newest line up for the DSG O2E transmission. Specifically engineered using the latest materials, and 11 plate clutch technology. SSP's new discs have been dyno proven to over 500+whp with NO slippage when properly shimmed. Our new friction plate design requires a minimal break in period, thus minimizing down time. These steel plates come pre-etched for superior clutch contact between the additional plates. SSP has engineered these clutch discs for smooth, street like engagement. You will not have to sacrifice reliability for drivability.

02E 600HP/500 Torque Clutch Package - VW-Audi 02E

*Also includes 10 OEM clutch shimming rings
*Complete install instructions included
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