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So if you guys are like me, you love your VW, but the base package sound system is sorta lacking, and everyone I spoke to (including the dealership salesman!) advised against buying the VW GPS. I hate making my cars look like they have a bunch of crappy aftermarket "add ons," and like to keep all my additions subtle, and as if they came that way from the showroom floor.

1) My first challenge. What multimedia display do I want? I knew that I wanted something with a great GPS, and other than that, all the big guys are pretty comparable for sound (as far as my needs go). After much deliberation, I decided on the new Kenwood DNX7140 because it features the Garmin GPS. I have always been an Alpine guy, but let's face it, Alpine is good at sound, but lets leave the GPS to the pro's!! I have a Garmin G1000 installed in my airplane, so I may be just a bit biased ;)

2) where to hide the mic. This seemingly simple task actually proved to be a real pain in my previous vehicle, a Honda S2000. Much to my delight, I was very easily able to place the microphone in the same location that the factory mic would be located; in the overhead console. the holes (on the right hand side) are even perfed for you, so it is very simple. I had to remove a little bit of material, but nothing big.

3) Where to hide the satellite antenna. One thing I absolutely HATE are those stupid mag antennas. granted, they have gotten much smaller and you can't see them if you don't know they are there, but I KNOW that they are there. I knew I needed to hide the antenna somewhere in the dash, but didn't want to interfere with the reception, and didn't want to have to spend hours taking apart the car. As I was removing the air diffuser to install the head unit, I saw the perfect place to mount it, almost af if it were specifically made for mounting a little antenna!

there is a little cradle on the top of the air shut off arm that controls the airflow through the air diffuser. With only a very small notch in the housing to run the wire, you can easily mount the antenna, and even through the metal grating, you get awesome reception. In fact my GPS accuracy only drops by about 3-5 feet (to an accuracy of about 15 feet) when I put the cover over the antenna, way more accuracy than needed, and much more than most handheld units. When the arm is thrown to open the vent, the little platform is at a 15-20 degree down angle which reduces the signal a little bit, but still very acceptable, and in its normal closed position, the antenna is flat. **NOTE You cannot mount a satellite radio antenna here. That signal is much more sensitive and requires an unobstructed view. but you won't need to put an antenna there anyway... read on.**

4) Will I still be able to use my sleek shark-fin factory Sirius antenna??? I know a lot of people have asked this question, an most people have gotten the answer "NO" but I'm here to tell you YES! And you don't have to worry about splicing the wire or anything like that, you just have to buy a $20 cable. The coax cable used by all sirius radios is the same. The thing that is different is the connector that VW uses to connect it into their tuner. All you have to do is go into the trunk and find the tuner underneath the rear deck on the driver side and disconnect the green antenna cable. Then pup out the pink pin, and carefully pry up the little piece of green plastic that is holding the cable on. Once the green VW connector is removed, all that is left is your Sirius radio antenna. If you buy the 50' Sirius antenna extension made by Terk, you will have MORE Than enough cable to run wherever you want to place your new tuner. AWESOME! :K:

5) Where will I put the USB input? I wanted my USB to be somewhere easy to get to and installed, not just flopping around. I also needed to make sure that the part I cut to install it was going to be nice an cheap so that if I ever needed to put it back to original, it won't cost a ton. My solution was to use one of the false buttons in front of the gear shifter. After making a template in AutoCAD and using a small Dremel cutting wheel, I am very happy with the way this came out. I'm still shocked that to replace even just a stupid little fake button will be $10!

6) Lastly, the install kit. I read a lot of reviews of kits, and i heard a lot of bad stuff about them all! The one I ended up choosing I bought hereDOUBLE DIN MOUNTING KITS*::*DASH KITS, POCKETS & TRIM*::*Dash Kits Harnesses*::*AUTOTOYS . This one seemed to be the best quality, but it had one major drawback. You can kind of see in the picture on their website that the plastic is textured... I don't know where they got that bright idea because all the plastic around where it is mounted is a smooth flat black.. No Problem! With a little bit of patience and care, you can sand the kit down and repaint it. I recommend starting with 180 grit paper to get all the texture off, then move to a mid 300+ grit to remove the swirl marks because they WILL show up when you paint! people tend to think that paint will hide defects, but it only brings them out and makes them more noticeable. Get a high quality plastic adherent FLAT BLACK spray paint. Do many light coats. Here is how mine turned out! For some reason the light from the flash is reflected weird by the different paint, but in reality the match is perfect.

Well I hope I was able to give some people some helpful ideas. I spent a lot of hours figuring and searching the internet for solutions, so I wanted to share with all of you!
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