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Hey guys looking to Lease a new car... End of year close out... 2013..

I currently have a newer Corvette & an older Explorer. I'm keeping the Vette, and this will be replacing the Explorer.. Here are the numbers I got, what do you guys think?

36 months / 36,000 miles
Sign & Drive Absolutely Nothing up front (except for the CR-V):

Jetta TDI DSG $265/month + tax

Tiguan Base Model $269/month + tax

Equinox LS 4 cyl $270/month including tax (first two pmts made by GM)

Honda CR-V $245/month + tax + $888 due at lease signing

I like the Jetta, and I love the gas mileage, but I have a jet-ski and lots of stuff to go with it.. I'm sure I can pull it with the Jetta, but the SUVs would just be more convenient.

I've already sort of decided against the Tiguan, its really just too small cargo wise... No cargo capacity.

The Equinox & CRV has lots of space, but I don't know.. They are both a little soccer momish.

I also recently discovered I could also get an Altima 2.5 for the exact same prices!!! I can't believe how closely priced all these cars are....

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