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Well guys, yet again I am having problems with my GTI. The first problem is a noise when I turn my wheel, which there was just a big long thread about, I think it's the strut mounts/bearings. Now I have more problems. First, I'm getting a little shimmy at high speeds in the steering wheel. I was thinkning maybe my tires need to be balanced (best case scenario), or a bent wheel (I also have a slow leak in my front left tire, cound be related?). The other problem is when I hit a bump I hear a sort of cracking noise from the front left. Maybe that is also related to the shimmy/leak/possible bent wheel? I realize that one could be a lot of different things.

Any ideas about any of this? The one I'm most concerned about right now is the high speed shimmy.

Also, would it be ok to replace my strut mounts with OEM ones or should I go with VWMotorsports ones? The OEM ones are $46 for the pair, VWMS are $160 for the pair, so you see why I would like to just go with the OEM ones if possible. Has anyone else had a problem with these breaking? How hard are they to replace?

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