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Hi I am new to this and I need an advice
First of my passat did jump a teeth on the timing belt and
I was wondering can I start the car just to test with out serpentine belt
Cause I did the timing everything as should be but I want to
Test before I put everything together
I just need some advice on that if not I am goin to put it back
Together the whole thing before I start the car

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I know your post is a few weeks old, but I wanted to post in case you haven't had an opportunity yet to work on your VW.

I would turn the engine over by hand to make sure no pistons will make contact with the valves. Once you are satisfied that the pistons will not hit, then you could try starting. If you haven't put any coolant in yet, then only run the engine for a few seconds - it can run dry, but I would strongly advise against anything over 10 seconds.

As for the serpentine belt; yes, you can run without it, but again, I would not run it for long.
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