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I've only had my second hand Passat for just over a month, and I've sent it to the dealer's workshop 3 times now. Thankfully, it shouldn't need to go back for quite some time now.

After putting my car up on the hoist at a friend's place, we had discovered an oil leak (suspect rear main, plus a quick drive and he thinks an engine mount is dodgy). When I took my car back to the dealer (first visit, with Customer Service Rep A), they couldn't determine the exact site (or so they said) so they cleaned it and wanted me to bring it back after a week of driving. They also said they inspected the engine mounts and there is no problem. They detail the car as promised, except they did a very sloppy job - dirty roof lining, dirty centre console area.

So I take it back (get Customer Rep B)and they examine it. They said they spotted 2 oil leaks (one more than my friend suspected!), but they can't finish the job before that weekend, bring it next week...

Okay, so we go in for third time lucky. After getting the job done, Customer Rep B says we also changed the engine mounts as we found they were worn and split... No comment at the dealership.

The worst thing about all of this is that now I have to take it to my friends workshop to check that everything has been done properly!!

Sigh. I'd hate to think of the expense if this wasn't covered under warranty.

Gotta love the car though...

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