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Hello All!
When the opportunity came along a couple of weeks ago to buy another Jetta (1996), I just couldn't resist. I bought my first Jetta (1989) brand new and had it for nine years until I killed its transmission by running over a large rock. My second Jetta (1992) I bought used at an auction for $140. I think I got it so cheap because as many of you might know, it would only start if the driver's seat belt was on. After putting a couple of hundred dollars into it, I was able to drive it from Kentucky to California towing a U-haul trailer so overloaded I couldn't believe it. It was the little car that could, until someone t-boned me in it, and the car was totalled.
Now, I remember this forum from that last car, as it helped me to discover solutions to many of the minor problems that it had. I'm hoping that this forum will help me again, and that I might be able to help others too!
Keith Wright:cool:
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