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1999 Cabriolet. Hates moisture when it's been sitting over night. Dew or rain. If its moist it's gonna be a fight starting her. I'm in South Carolina so this is her first experience with the cold. Hates the cold just as much, apparently. First thing in am I turn the key, fires right up for about 2 seconds and dies. Turn the key and it rolls. No fire at all. Let it sit for 5 minutes and she fires right up again for a few seconds and then dies. At that point if you keep trying she will eventually start. Its a series of firing but really rough idling and dying. . Eventually it will catch and rough idle eventually smoothing out. Durring all of this the garage reeks of gasoline. As soon as the temp gauge starts to move she's ready to go. Runs great once the temperature goes up. Plugs, wires, cap have all been done at a garage I trust. I replaced the coil about 2 months ago and no improvement. Cleaned the mass airflow sensor and no improvement. Anyone have an idiots guide for what I should check next? I'm ok with a wrench but diagnostics are way above my head. Thanks in advance!!!
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