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Hi everyone - question for connaisseurs here. Bought a CPO 2018 Tiguan premium in April 2019. I began hearing at speed above 50 mph a road noise comparable to a washer dryer on a spin cycle. Not sure exactly when that started. Went to the dealer earlier this year and they noticed allTires were cupped despite not being old and recommended new tires and alignement of the car for a total of $1500, not covered by warranty,

1) they think the car not being properly aligned caused the cupping. My steering Column is not shaking or vibrating or anything , is alignment really the main cause for the cupped tires and the washer spin cycle noise I’m hearing?

2) Because the car is the SEL Premium trim with all the sensors, I was told by the vw dealer only they can do the alignement because it requires sensor recalibration, special equipment and takes 4-5h? Is this for real or am I getting scammed? Alignment at Car shops are around $100 or so. Will it mess up the car sensors if I do the alignment At Midas for instance?

Appreciate any insight you may have, thanks!
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