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Got a tiguan November 2014, comfortline with sport and appearance packages, Toronto, Canada.

NAVI/RADIO/Backup camera RSN510, i.e. the whole control center stopped working 2 weeks ago, just welcome and reboot, then keep looping. Sent to local dealer for service, was told the system broke and they back order a new one. Got a call yesterday telling me it arrived, sent in my car and when I head back to pick it up, I was told they can not get the radio working, no sound on the new one, therefore put my one old back, and they will order another one....so I had to drive home with nothing.....

it is soo much hassle to send it in and be shuttled to subway, and be picked up. And I am driving it with no navi/radio/backcamera...just a car with heat....this is not what paid for....

anyone has similar problem? I want to complain but not sure to whom, it is a brand new car!!!!!

thanks guys
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