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Hi all...
This is my first VW.
2001 transporter box van AET 5cyl petrol 166000kms.

I am doing the timing belt change..
I have purchased the timing belt and tensioner and water pump from Unique AUTO parts in Slacks Creek, Brisbane for $220 inc delivery which I thought was a great price..

I have the special 30mm ring spanner on the way...
There seems to be minimal or definite crankshaft locking tools available here in Brisbane Australia and was wondering if I need BOTH the

1. tensioner pulley tool
2. crankshaft locking tool.

Does anyone know a SHOP IN AUSTRALIA I can get these parts from as I want to do the job next weekend, or Uk etc if I need to wait longer if cheaper for the tools..

Here is a link for the crankshaft tool my Service Manual suggests to use but doesn't give a part number..
The drawing looks just like a piece of angle with a nic out of it.. If I had some dimensions I would make one myself out of steel angle.

Any help locating a locking tool would be appreciated..thanks.. Gavin..

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