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Hi Everyone,

John here......needless to say I'm a total novice on here and in need of some urgent advice. My Golf mk iv has just failed it's MOT (UK test for road worthiness

I need to have one of the rear shock absorbers replaced. I have a quote to have it replaced for £70. This sounds reasonable but I suspect the garage are planning to just throw on the cheapest shock they can find etc. having read several threads on here I don't want to miss the opportunity to improve the ride and get decent replacements etc as long as it is affordable...we are on a very tight budget at the moment..it's an old 2000 Golf MKIV 1.6 and everything is totally factory original. 14 years old and only just about to reach 30,000 miles on the clock....I know...unbelievable isn't it ?......but we've had her from new so totally true!

Any advice of where and how to get it sorted in UK , East Midlands, greatly appreciated. MOT was today and I have 10 days to get the work done and stay legal....it's the law here:)

John :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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