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I am considering a 2009-2010 Touareg 3.0 TDI for a secondary rig for weekending and towing my sports car to the track. I am concerned that it will be underpowered for towing a 5000lb (with car and junk) trailer. My question is, is my concern justified? I would also consider the older Touareg with the 5.0 TDI, but, I would prefer the newer model. Are there tuning options available for these engines other than "chipping"?

I am using a MB Sprinter 10 passenger bus with the 2.7l diesel right now and it works, but, truthfully is underpowered. The Sprinter is tuned by InMotion Tuning and has made a respectable difference, but, not enough. I love this rig, but, my wife is out of love with it ... it's time is done.

Do Touareg's in general have driveline issues when used for towing? Do the diesel's have uprated transmissions?

Thanks for your input!
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