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Hello, everyone!

I recently purchased a used 2007 Rabbit (Automatic) with 93,283 miles on the clock for $3300. The cars runs beautifully and has been pretty well maintained by one owner. I thought I would create a thread calculating the cost per mile of the car in order to see what kind of value I can get out of it. Maybe it will also help others decide if they want to keep this model or another MK5 around as it approaches higher mileage. I decided to calculate the price per mile only considering what I spent to buy the car and the repairs I make. Some will be done in a local independent shop, but I am also trying to learn to do DIY on this car, which is starting to look like a must. I've done a few repairs on my old Focus, but I have a lot to learn. But, I am eager! (One thing I can say about this car is that the driving experience so far makes me want to keep it as long is it will go. We also have a 2013 Focus, but I already like driving this rabbit way more). >:)

Anyway, the car was pretty well maintained. Here is what was done to it before I bought it:
Oil and filter changes pretty religiously at 5,000
Air Filters on schedule
Brake fluid changed
Rotors changed
Steering Gear Replaced
Ignition Coils Replaced
Headlight and Brake bulbs replaced
Spark Plugs replaced twice
Fuel Filter Replaced twice
Induction System Serviced
Battery Replaced
Drive Belt
Two Tires Replaced
Evaporative Emissions Vent Purge Replaced

(I guess the previous owner got sick of putting money into it, haha).

Anyway, I knew upon buying it I would have to repair a few things, but I was a bit surprised when the bill was $1422. Here is what I had done:

Auto Transmission Service (Makes me a bit nervous that this could have been the first service)--Not 100% sure though.
Oil and Filter
Battery Serviced
Serpentine Belt Replaced
Vaccuum Pump Rebuilt with new gaskets.
Vaccum Hose (Going to the Brakes I think?)
The car was also looked over pretty thoroughly and I have a cv boot with small tear and will need new rear brakes soon.

So here we go with my calculations.
Money Paid: $4722.00
Miles Driven: 25
Price Per Mile: $189.00

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When I bought the car, it had two wheel covers missing and the two that were left but banged up and the emblems removed. Rather than buying two oem wheel covers, I bought 4 imitation Golf wheel covers from amazon and some stick on vw emblems. My plan is to reinforce the stick on the emblems with gorilla glue and make the wheel covers look close to the oems. Thought about just rockin the steelies, but I need to take them off, sand them, paint them, etc. Maybe in the future when I have more time. I'll get a pic or two up when I get the covers on.

Money Paid: $4792.00
Miles Driven: 45
Price Per Mile: $106.00
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