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Hey guys,

I'm experiencing problems with what I believe is from my transmission.

On neutral not with the clutch pressed just shift stick in the middle, there is that clunking noise from under the hood... can't pin point where from. I can feel it in the stick.

But it stops as soon as I press the clutch pedal.

Then when on first gear even louder clunking noise is coming out and once I shift to the other gears everything is fine.

You can correct me if I'm wrong but I think I need to replace the transmission... That being said...

What transmission would fit a 2001 GTI VR6 2.8l 12v... with minimal modification... I'm trying to find codes and such but I'm getting no where...

The scrap yards have some transmissions that I think might fit. Can any one tell me if it will or if I'm totally wrong with the diagnostic?!...
Stock (Grade) Dismantled Price Avail. Vehicle info
200-525785-SB (B) Yes 725.00$ 48 hrs Jetta 2001 VR6
200-894308-DU (A) No 725.00$ 48 hrs Jetta 2000 VR6


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