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We have a 2006 Rabbit with 87,000 miles on it and the 6 speed automatic transmission and have had all maintenance and oil changes routinely done on it since we bought it in 2010. It has started to "buck" when shifting from 1st to 2nd when up at running temp, i.e. it's not cold. It's as if the clutch engages for the shift, disengages, re-engages for a split second and then disengages and off you go. Research on the forums has led me to believe its the Valve Body that is failing. It's expanding too much when hot and so fluid doesn't flow properly. The dealer wants to sell me a replacement transmission for $1100 but I have no idea of the condition it's in, how many miles it has, etc. A recommended transmission specialist will repair my current transmission and replace the Valve Body with a new one for $2200. In addition last August (800 miles previous) we replaced the Throttle Body and Engine Speed Sensor, Catalytic Converter, and Vacuum Pump. In total about $3300 of work already into the car within the last year. According to the dealer it looks like I could also use a new set of front brake pads and rotors and the the oil filter housing is leaking a bit and the rubber on a tie rod needs replacing. I'll do the breaks if we fix the transmission but I'll hold off on the oil housing and tie rod.
The question to all of you is whether it's worth the continued investment or are we just going down a rabbit hole with all these repairs. (Pun intended.)
Lastly, if I wanted other estimates regarding the transmission repair, does anyone suggest any of the major chain repair shops for VW's. We live in northern NJ and have a lot to choose from.
Thank you for your time.
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