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Hi all

I am from South Africa and the proud owner of a 2009 Tiguan.

I am writing this post out of desperation as our local mechanics can't seem to sort out the problem ...

Here is my story:

About two weeks ago my Tiguan's coolant warning light suddenly came on. I immediately pulled off the road and checked the coolant levels. Everything looked fine. I decided to top up the coolant a little in any case and opened the reservoir. On returning to the vehicle I found the reservoir to be empty. I refilled the reservoir and drove on just to be "confronted" by the warning light again after about 90km.

What I have since seen is that when the warning light goes on I find the reservoir empty. On releasing pressure from the reservoir by loosening the lid, the coolant rushes back into the reservoir. The reason for the warning light to go on may therefore be that the reservoir is empty and the sensors then register as such and activates the warning.

The vehicle has now been with the service station for about a week and a half. They confirmed that there is no external leak. In all of this time they were unable to find the cause of the problem.

I want to find out if anybody has had a similar experience and if so to share the possible causes and correction thereof so that I can try and point the technicians on this side of the world in the right direction.

I would truly appreciate any help.

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