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I hate tyre noise - it drives me round the bend. When you look at tyre reviews, the noise rating is shown.
I recently had a complete tyre change (4 x 185/60/15). Tyre dealer assured me that the way to a low noise outcome would be to fit Good Year efficientgrip performance tyres, with a published/claimed low noise rating. In reality these were as bad as any other tyre I have had for noise.
The tyres are good - grip - handle well etc etc, BUT, before you get tempted by these as a way to quiet bliss - take it from me after approx 1000/1500 miles the noise level is horrendous. My ride is a 2016 1.2 Polo Match with all the extras. Lovely car BUT oh the noise!!!!!!!!

Has anyone found a 'quiet tyre' ?? - please let me know.
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