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So i am looking for MK5 Jetta 2.5 automatic help and i have search things before but as i am typing it in that forum i keep getting nothing found..i know its gotta be simular out there..thanks
I bought a 2005 2.5 Jetta automatic from an auction, non running, charged the battery, does turn on, fuel pump does not buzz..i
Changed that out, i still here no buzz this pump is at 1.2 ohms so it should work..i have installed just to see if it would turn over..fuel amount responds..next i have adventures into the fuel shut off relay i believe..fuel relay..and i believe computer relay..they all seem to be clicking..
I do have a check engine light on as a few others..the crank doesnt seem to much movement and i have a vr6 which i had a crank issue changed out the sensor and it started so i am thinking of trying that for this because the rpm’s not moving so much i dont think..
The radio i noticed doesnt come on..the locking mechanism on the driver side does not work so at the moment it doesnt lock from the outside i believe its good from the inside..maye anti-theft is keeping it from starting..i have the title and its not stolen as some my think that first..lol as the front bumper driver side is a little disconnected and the driver headlight maybe suffered a little bump so i was thinking some sort of fuel emergency cut off!? Any thoughts, i am thinking that maybe unfortunetly i have to take it to VW dealer for a scan and reset!? Had a hybrid vehicle one time and i pulled the fuel cutoff on accident and had to have a guy come out with a compouter he reset and started right up, ok thanks for any help
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