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ok so i went to replace the curved vacuum line that is on the upper part of the intake on the drivers side. Its the vacuum hose that the Haynes manual show you plugging into to do a vacuum test. As i was pulling off one side of the hose. I pulled to hard and it bro the plastic T well more like a Y. I have it rigged up for not but i need to replace that whole plastic line that runs under the intake. I have pics of the fix i did and where the line runs under the intake and were it ends up. My main question is can i replace this with rubber hose because i don't have the spare 116 bucks to get it from the dealer.

Now the pics i attached like i said ones of the rigged fixed...ones of the hose i was trying to replace when i proke the stuff. and the other two are of the plastic line.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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