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I want to buy VAG diagnostics equipment for my VW Golf MK5 but I'm not sure what to take.
I found vag-com from ross-tech.com
and some new product from vag-tech.eu - VAG CAN Pro - OneClickFunctions (
Does anyone know anything about this product?
Seems like it's a legit proprietary system like VCDS but with controller flashing functions.

And for less than half price of VAG-COM :)

As they comment, it can do:
- supported protocols CAN TP2.0 (platforms PQ35,PQ46, MQB, new audi etc), KWP2000 over CAN TP1.6 (PQ25 - ESP), KWP1281 over CAN (PQ25 power steering), KWP1281 K-Line, KWP2000 K-Line
- reading identifications, enhanced identification (flash status, manufacturer data) etc
- DTCs reading, basic settings, measurement blocks, security access (not only mode 2, but also mode 1 seed/key supported) ! etc
- eepromer - full hex-editor used to read/write eeprom memories in K-Line/CAN ECUs (like in vds-pro but supports also KWP2000/CAN ECUs over upload/download service)
- "flasher" - ability to flash upgradeable ECUs (engine, clima, gateway, parktronic, transmission), exactly like VASes do.
- ability to upload ZDC (ZielDatenContainer) data - advanced configuration of many new ECUs (eg. advanced configuration of new BCM module in Octavia II is made that way)
- support for new UDS/ODX diagnostic platform. Textcoding, calibrationdata, routines. Over 1 GB of ODX data available. ODX is introduced in new Superb II (instruments), many modules in newest Audis, instruments in Passat CC and Passat MY2010, golf VI, Caddy GP, Passat GP etc.
- Guided functions assistant - over 40 build in procedures helping with injectors coding, ESP coding, LMM checking and many more

Could you comment on whether it's worth pursuing?
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