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VAG ETKA 8.1 (1432) 01.2022

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The ETKA electronic catalog contains complete information on spare parts and accessories for VAG vehicles (VW, Seat, Skoda, AUDI), including minibuses.

Installed on x64.
Preinstalled updates: VW/AU - 1354, SK - 886, SE - 880.
In the distribution of installation instructions, read carefully.
Updating prices and databases for Etka, breaking through the faults from the disk from the FGST folder, as well as through a paid online service, is done using the algeni bootloader launched from the shortcut. In the ETKA Loader folder, the start menu contains instructions for setting it up.
In the full version of the bootloader, advanced graphical features and editing of the base with wines are available, and Etka 8.2 will also be available after its release.
The version is configured on the C drive, if you install it on another drive, then you need to use the INI files from the acc. folders for your drive.
Ability to install on drive C: , D: , E: and F:
To reduce the distribution size and installation time, the Prog2 and DATA2 backup folders have been removed, they will appear during the update, as well as the ETKAVWAUProgPakete82 folder with the new version 8.2, the release with it will be released separately due to the new and incompatible with the old folder structure.
The distribution has the ability to install a local database of faults.
8.1 does not work on Windows XP.


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