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I already know volkswagens tend to have noisy top ends

So here is what I have a 2001 2.8vr6 12 valve with 132k on the clock, no major mods just the polyurethane dogbone mount a big air filter and free flowing exhaust, always synthetic oil in the engine at 5000miles or less.

So what is the noise heard here in the video??
anyone have any ideas, my car just sounds like a diesel at idle.

Mk4 vr6 12 v - YouTube

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I hear a lot of different things there. Vacuum leak?
Since you removed the air box there will be a lot more engine noise radiating out of the cone filter.
The engine is also chain driven, so they do sound pretty rough.
Your A/C compressor? Sounds like a sprinkler. a bit of lube wouldn't hurt it. Other than that it's pretty hard to tell from camera because of the microphone orientation can throw you off.
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