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As stated in the submission thread, GTImotorsports.com in conjunction with VWforum is proud to present:

The February "My 2 Luvs" GTImotorsports.com Pic of the Month Contest!

All photos only had to include two things someone luv. To be expected, we saw pics of dubs and women, kids, dogs, brew, and MOAR dubs! somehow we didn't see the bikinis brought out this month...must have been too cold. :-(

Now it is up to you as members of the site to vote for your favorite, and do not vote for yourself or be prepared for the wrath of the interwebz!!!

Here are the participants.

1. Pssst...Passed you:

2. trisgolf:

3. XxBORAxX:

4. Nikk13019:

5. Fukn_Dubn_gti:

6. 05GTI1.8T:

We do appreciate everyone trying to keep it clean this month, but feel free to add some shots of your ladies below...but remember, stay classy VWForum... :p

Remember this is for awesome prizes from GTIMotorsports.com and everyone get's ONE vote so make it count!

From all of us at VWF, Thanks for the submissions!


Knows nothing about VWs
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dang fubar i would've gave you a vote
Too bad, you voted for me, i am not giviing it back. It is mine Bwhahahahaha!!!!

Thanks everyone for your votes and submissions! Congrats to all of the winners! Make sure to watch out for the March submission thread today in the General Volkswagen section, same as every month!!

Theme this month is "you lucky bastard...."

Let's see that one item on your Dub that you feel makes you a lucky bastard to own it. Photo skills should play a big part in this month's decision as we are asking for a little zoom, maybe a macro lens, perhaps your thumb to get the hell out of the way of the lens. :)

Show us that one OEM, OEM+, aftermarket, custom built, kustom upholstered...Hell even...JDM part of your vehicle that make you feel like one lucky bastard to be the owner.

Thread and Prizes to be announced soon!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts