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VW golf gearbox/bearing/clutch noise?

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Hi! I'm new in this forum so if I do something wrong, sorry ;)
So my volkswagen golf mk5 1.6FSI (2006) (manual gearbox) petrol engine car makes this slight rattle noise near the gearbox/clutch or whatever. The noise isn't that loud and is apparent when stationary and in neutral. The noise disappears in a second when I press the clutch down but if I press the clutch down and put first (or whatever gear in) it disappears instantly. The sound doesn't go away when I rev the engine. When I drive there is no noise.
When we went to the mechanic, he said it was a bearing in the clutch. We replaced the clutch and the bearing thingy (the bearing thingy came with the new clutch) and it didn't change a thing. (The clutch was visibly worn and has weird deformations. Just adding this one here, tho it might also be due to the clutch being worn over time.)
After the clutch replacement mechanics/friends etc said either the dualmass flywheel or a clutch shaft bearing inside the gearbox needs changing. Some people even said that 1.6 small petrol engines don't have DMF and only diesel engines or particular (bigger) petrol engines have DMF. Haven't still figured out if my car has DMF or not.
I also found some people that were having really similar problems etc that had a clutch replacement discovered that the reason the noise didn't go away was that some rubber thingy wasn't properly in place (basically the new clutch wasn't properly put in) so that might also be the case but I doubt it.
So my question is, does my golf have a DMF and if it does, which one of them is faulty, DMF or the clutch shaft bearing inside the gearbox? Thank you in advance! :)
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