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Here are the symptoms

Stopped while going along..I happend to be fiddling with the key and reader coil at the time.. not fired since

No spark from main coil HT lead to earth when turning over. The fuel pump primes
When grounding the centre pin of hall sensor plug (engine static) can here the injector pulse, but again no spark, altough ignition on
I knew that the ignition sw was 23 years old so removed ignition switch lead from behind steering wheel and plugged in new tumbler and switch (origonal key still in original tumbler)
Turned over the engine, big smell of petrol, but no LT pulse going to coil using a light bulb tester. on all 3 terminals
Tried jumping the ignition coil to the battery, it worked b4 but not now
Everything in the distrubutor looks okay.
Reset the ecu by disconecting battery forn10 mins
In the origonal lock ive been using the chipped key
After i try to start there is hissing noise for a while maybe fuel pressure (while igntion is still on)
when engine turning over and with a screwdriver held against "injector chamber" i can just hear injectors pulsing

So something is preventing the LT circuit from working?.

The engine and GB are sweet as a nut...would live to get in going again. last ran 4 months ago.

I live in thailand and the local dealer is useless.

Running out of ideas..HELP
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