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Quick Guide to a DIY Tune Up:

My GTI MK4 Tune Up Guide

1. Replace Air Filter and in-cabin air filter.
2. Replace Oil and Filter
3. Replace Fuel Filter
4. Replace Spark Plugs & Coil Packs (or wires)
5. Replace Serpentine Belt and check tensioner
6. Flush Coolant System
7. Flush Brake Fluid
8. Flush Transmission Fluid or get transmission service done
9. Top off all fluids to appropriate levels (Power Steering, Brakes, Coolant, Windshield Washer, etc)
10. Inspect and rotate tires and inflate to manufacture approved PSI level.
11. Inspect windshield wipers - Replace as needed
12. Inspect brakes and rotors for uneven wear -Repair/Replace as needed
13. Inspect Tie rods, lower control arms bushings and cv joints for rips, tears or grease leaks. Repair/Replace as needed
14. Inspect all emission hoses and tubes for cracks, leaks, holes or wear. - Repair/Replace as needed
15. Clean Evaporter Coil
16. Check AC and add freon as needed.
17. Degrease Engine wipe off grime and dirt from engine bay.
18. If over 60K miles, Replace Timing Belt.

Here is a good "How To" Video on Tune Ups

Hope this helps!
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