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First of all HELLO 2 ALL, as I'm new here and secondly, if I posted in the wrong section please (admin) move the thread.

I searched the internet for some information about the VW 3B Passat (mine is a 2000 European model) OEM Soundsystem, but didn't find too much info.
Basically I want to put in the best VW OEM Soundsystem that was made for this model.
Maybe you guys can answer some of the questions I have about it.

Here it goes:

I saw that the MONSOON system is a VW OEM Upgrade. However I haven't seen too many Monsoon radio-heads, speakers, etc. in europe.

1. Is Monsoon typically for the US ?

2. If I buy Monsoon speakers for my non-Monsoon passat, will the radio-head(Gamma Radio-Cassette) be able to use the Monsoon-speakers at their max. power ? Or do I need the complete Monsoon wiring ?

3. Were there other VW OEM Soundsytem upgrades made (for my 3B 2000 model) ?

4. If I use speakers from newer passat models, will they sound better (than a pair of new ones made for my model) ?

5. I attached here a photo of a VW DSP (Digital Sound Processor):

Why would I need one ? Don't all/almost all radio-(Cassette/CD) heads, for example Gamma 5, have this kind of thing (POP,ROCK,etc. modes) incorporated ?

6. Was there a VW OEM Subwoofer made for the passat 3B model ? If yes, which, as I found no info about this.

Thanks in advance!
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