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I'm offering this as general info in hopes it be helpful to 2012 Passat owners. The passenger side mirror glass fell off my Passat. I guess it was just age and heat that degraded the glue holding it to the plastic attachment.

I ordered a replacement, Part No. 3C8-857-522-C, which the VW Parts Catalog identified as the correct part, and that it would fit my car. It didn't. The mirror glass was too big. After checking the actual Part No. on the part, thinking perhaps they'd sent the wrong one, they hadn't.

The good news is the seller accepted a return and refunded my money. The bad news is I still needed the part and nobody could help.

By chance I called the local dealer where I'd bought my newest VW--a 2019 Tiguan. I explained my dilemma to the Parts Manager, and he was flummoxed. He said it was the correct part, but because I assured him it wasn't, he noticed something peculiar. He noticed that the Part No. prefix, 3C8, was normally for Passats starting in model year 2013, and that the usual prefix code for 2012 Passats was 561.

I asked if there was a right side mirror glass with the 561 prefix listed and he confirmed there was: Part No. 561-857-522-A. But he said the VW Parts Catalog said it wouldn't fit. It did. Perfectly. Problem solved.

So, if you have a 2012 Passat in need of mirror glass, you have been forewarned. Good luck.

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