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Hey Guys & Gals, Its been awhile since I was last on here.
I need to ask for some assistant from anyone that's had either the same problem or similar.

I have a VW Passat Estate 2007 2.0L TDI (Auto). When I was driving along the road and went to overtake a vehicle, I got my car up to speed and pulled out, then all of a sudden I got a warning light on my dash saying "Engine Fault" with the transmission curly icon flashing. When I turned the car off and on, it vanished.

This happened a few time when the car went fast.

Oneday the same problem happened again but this time I noticed that my Turbo was spooling... Been about 3 weeks on and its still spooling. It sounds like the turbo is fine because I'm hearing it spinning up. I'm guessing its the elbow pipe from the intercooler is causing the problem. I got under the engine and felt all the pipes for splits and found nothing. However the Elbow pipe (Part No: 1K0145790C) seems to be slightly loose... could that small bit be causing the turbo pipe to collapse?

I have attached a photo of the pipe.

My final question! If it was that pipe. is it something I could change myself or do I need special tools for the spring clips?

Thanks in advance.



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