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Power steering is causing problems on my 05 Polo.

After my vehicle was fixed in the front, the yellow steering wheel light turns on when i start the car and the power steering doesnt work, then i turn it off and on again and it works again, sometimes it take 2-3 attempts to start the car with working power steering, and when it works it is okay. It went in for repairs in the front of the vehicle and I'm not sure if it could be something loose, or something not correctly put in place. I've seen a few people who have had the same problem, and they have fixed sensor cables, the battery, and they did not need to replace the power steering pump. I just need to query what the problem could possibly be. My car was also disconnected from the battery for about 6 months.

My windscreen wipers also switch on when I turn the vehicle on.????

Please help. :)
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